Saturday, May 19, 2012

The Electro-Voice Slimair 636

Chuck Berry

One of the most common vintage microphones on Ebay is the Electro-Voice Slimair 636. You can usually get it for less than $100, which is a good bargain for those starting a collection. My guess is that since there’s quite a few being sold out there and it doesn’t quite have the 50’s look, people don’t really pay much attention to it. The EV 636 actually has the slim design that became so popular in the 60’s, and is still being used today.

I’m kind of a kid when I buy vintage microphones. I like to open them and look at all the parts inside. So when a mic offers such an easy access to the element, you can bet that I’m going to check it out. Compared to other vintage microphones, the element is pretty small. And it does look like it’s quite fragile. But it has a nice, crisp sound to it. I’d also have to guess that it’s pretty reliable, since all the EV 636’s I have, work. Besides, if the likes of Chuck Berry, Gene Vincent, and Billie Holiday used this model in the past, it certainly can’t be a bad mic.

Gene Vincent
You can download the spec sheet for the EV 636 here.

The D.S. rarity scale: 7/10.


Scene from That Thing You Do!

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  1. Belo microfone, quando eu crescer quer uma coleção de microfones feito a sua, ou pelo menos a metade! rrsrs.
    Parabéns pela postagem!
    Joanatan Richard