Saturday, November 26, 2011

The Deco Sound Poster

So a few months ago, I thought of making something to help spread the word about the blog. But it had to be something as cool as the vintage microphones I talk about. And it had to be a decorative item, that people would enjoy having. Not just an advertisement.

So I thought about making a poster. But I didn’t want just a bunch of mics all cluttering what would turn into a small sheet of paper. I wanted to do something special. If I had my way, sure, I would have singers like Aretha Franklin, Ryan Shaw, Phil Alvin (The Blasters), B.B. King, or Fred Parris (The Five Satins) all pose for me while singing with my microphones. Since this was virtually impossible, I had an idea that would still make the poster a special piece. Instead of having just anonymous models pose with the mics, I called upon friends who are real singers to take part in this project. Luckily for me, all four invitees accepted to participate. Three of them have their own CDs, so they’re not your regular family gathering singers.

The first singer, Letícia Maria Castro, sings in a group called Balaio de Maria. The group is composed of five great musicians, and play mainly pop (Brazilian or not), jazz, and R&B.

Rogério Midlej has been singing since 2000, and masters in Brazilian pop music. He participated in a Brazilian TV reality show called Fama, similar to American Idol. He also has a jazz quintet, with which he sings jazz standards.

Thais Uessugui is probably the singer with the most versatile background. I’ve seen her sing from disco to pop rock, from Bossa Nova to soul music. She was of great help, agreeing to give herself a "Billie Holiday" look.

My niece, Aline Perez, has appeared on the blog in an earlier post, but I’m pretty sure I’ll be talking about her again sometime in the future. She has a promising voice.

But this project wouldn’t have been possible without the help of a great friend. Vini Goulart, whom I met through my professional work in advertising, was kind enough to take the pictures in his studio ( We had V.I.P. treatment the whole time from him and the rest of his staff.

So even if you’re hearing about these people for the first time, you now know that this project was special. Not only is the poster a great decorative piece, but it has a story behind it. Having said that, this poster has a limited edition of 150 copies. Since I’m not looking to make a profit, and the idea is to spread the word about the blog, I'm offering this poster for free. All I ask is that those who are interested in getting a copy, pay for the shipping costs. The poster is 64 x 94cm tall (approx. 25 x 37 inches), and printed on couché matte 250g paper. If you’re interested in a copy, please contact me directly at

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  1. Parabéns Henrique, muito bom mesmo!Vamos em frente, grande abraço.