Sunday, August 8, 2010

How it all started

Henry Winkler as Arthur Fonzarelli
Growing up in Cambridge, Mass. (USA), the trendy things for kids my age were Converse All Star sneakers (the swoosh brand was just starting to get attention), Bubble Yum (or Hubba Bubba), Saturday Night Fever, competing to see who saw Star Wars the most, and weekly TV shows like Happy Days. Henry Winkler was the Fonz, and if you don’t know what giving two thumbs up and saying “Aaayyyy” was all about, don’t worry about it. Let me try to make it clear what my intentions are. Happy Days was an outdated 50’s theme show, that was still a hit among kids, even though we were heading towards the end of the disco era.
This is where my interest in everything related to the 50’s/60’s aesthetics and music began. Even though at the time John Travolta was considered some type of dancing god, I still remember taking my little tape recorder to school and playing songs like Charlie Brown, Splish Splash, and In The Still of The Night.
In the late 80's, I was still interested in 50’s/60’s music, but the fact that I went back to living in Brazil, didn’t quite favor me in terms of researching beyond that. Yes, I did end up buying a leather jacket during college, but no bike. The fact that I started studying for my B.A. in Industrial Design made my interest become a little more serious, rather than just a 50’s flirt. The streamlined shapes of the chromed microphones and its Art Deco designs fascinated me, and the fact that my mother gave me a book called Jukebox, The Golden Age, only made my interest grow.
Now, some 20 years later, and owner of a respectable vintage microphone collection, I decided to share my passion with anyone curious enough to read about it. While the purpose of this blog started out as a means to show my mic collection, I now want to expand it to anything related musically to that era. Whether it’s jukeboxes and their different styles of design, the movies that portrait those days, or simply the songs and artists of then and now that make us think that the 50’s still have a cool feel that surrounds it, I’ll try to make this blog diverse and interesting to anyone that stops by. So you’re welcome to join me, have some fun and give your honest opinion.

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